We know you work hard, and we know why you do it. You're working to build a great life for your family. You're working to provide your family a safe place to live and put food on the table. You're working to give your family the things they need (and even some of the things they just want!). You're saving money for college and retirement. You've got big plans.

All of the stuff you buy, the stuff you receive as gifts, your home, your car, your retirement accounts, and the money you save... all of this is your estate. Crafting an estate plan allows you to protect what you have worked so hard to build. It allows you to make the necessary decisions about what happens to you and your estate if get sick or die and it takes the burden of making these decisions off of your family.


When you work with us to create an estate plan, you get more than just a set of legal documents. You get peace of mind. You know you have actively planned for the worst that can happen. And now, you can go out and be the best person you can be and build the life you want to live.


Our estate plans are comprehensive and customized to fit your life. Whether you’re single with no children or married with lots of children and grandchildren, we can help you. We offer all of these documents for one flat fee because we think EVERYONE should have access to high-quality legal services for a price you can afford. Click here or a break-down of included documents, click here for the step-by-step checklist, and click here to message us for pricing and to schedule a free consultation.


Unfortunately, death happens, and when it does, we are here to help. We represent clients in a variety of situations that commonly arise when a loved-one passes. We work with you to identify the most cost-effective option for your unique situation and provide guidance and advice throughout the process.  


We review your loved-one’s last will and testament, if one exists, and provide advice and representation regarding probate of the will, appointment of the executor, and subsequent administration of the estate. 


When someone you love dies without a will (this is called intestate), we work with you to identify the most cost-effective, least burdensome method for resolving your loved-one’s estate. When necessary, we have the experience and knowledge to have an administrator appointed for the estate and provide advice and guidance during the subsequent administration. 


We also work with clients to determine whether a formal probate or administration is even necessary, or if some other option, like preparing and filing a small estate affidavit, or filing the will as a muniment of title, might be better for your unique circumstance.  

Call today to begin planning your estate or learn more about our estate planning and probate services.