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Because "It Depends" is Full of Hope

I hate when I need information, but I can’t find a reliable source. Google search is my best friend, and my worst enemy. Like most curious people, I like to start exploring a problem by typing it into the Google search bar. With one click, I have access to a seemingly endless variety of possible solutions.

But I also hate finding a website or a blog that seems to answer my question, only to find after I start reading, that it was written only to increase traffic–formulaic, lots of buzzwords, and no real information at all. Worst of all are the blogs that promise to answer my questions, but instead only try to sell me something (without actually telling me anything!). Sometimes, all you want (and all you need) is a good, quick, reliable answer! But, with no gatekeeper, and with a strong profit motivation to write and publish junk, it can be very difficult, if not impossible, to find anything remotely resembling simple, straight-forward reliable information on the internet.

What is a lawyer’s favorite answer to your legal questions? It depends! I am sure you have heard it before, and I have said it countless times. It can be frustrating, as a client, to get this response when all you really need is a simple, straight-forward answer. But, it can also be very difficult for a lawyer (any lawyer!) to provide a simple, straight-forward answer to any question. This, I believe, has more to do with the nature of the practice of law, and less to do with the nature of the lawyer as a person (at least, I hope it does!). The practice of law deals in unknowns. When a question has a clear, bright-line answer, lawyers do not spend much time working on it. But there are a tremendous amount of unknowns arising from the interpretation and implementation of any law. And, when you think about it, “it depends” is actually full of hope. It's full of promise. It means you are not screwed right out of the gate. It means that there might exist some way to get you what you want.

Nonetheless, I hope this blog provides information that is clear and straight-forward and helps you find answers to the questions that brought you here in the first place.

Yes, I am a lawyer. And yes, I want to market and grow my firm, and I want to be hired to work on exciting and novel legal questions. But, I decided to start this blog mostly because it seems like fun. I like to research, I like to write, and I like to tell stories. While I am working on cases, I write memos to myself regarding my research or my thoughts about particular situations I am working on. Blogging seems like a natural extension of that process with the added benefit of perhaps sharing some useful information with you.

I intend to write about the things that interest me. Most of the time, I expect this will be related to the law, particularly to some topic within the law that I focus my practice on. However, there may be times when I want to write about something completely different! I believe, as individuals, we all have varied interests and perspectives, and it might be fun to explore a few topics beyond the realm of estates and small businesses.

Most of all, I hope this blog teaches you something. Whether you find your way here because you are an extremely supportive family member (thanks, Sweetheart!) or friend--or you find this blog while looking for an answer to a problem, I hope you find something helpful, education, inspiring, or just entertaining.

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